Genres: Fiction, Literary/Mainstream, Short Story
Tags: Instant Book, Recent Release, Snack Book
Length: short story
Publication Year: 2015
An Instant Book. Explores the world-view of a young teen grappling with his fears.


He was not so afraid of bees that he couldn’t leave the house. It was more like if he saw a bee he would avoid it, you know, walk the other way. He knew all the places where bees liked to go on the way to school—the bottle brush plant, which he called the bee tree, was worst of all. He always made sure to cross the street to the opposite side to avoid the bee tree.

Instant books are limited edition miniature books with complete stories inside. Folded from a single sheet of paper, they fit in the palm of your hand, but they’re sturdy enough to read and share. (Learn more.)

Instant Book designer Keiko O’Leary created the book layout and artwork for Bees. She also selected the typography and paper, and hand-folded each book.

Bees is on sale at The Arsenal in San Jose, CA.

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