Twelve Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery

Twelve Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery
Authors: , , ,
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Story, Speculative Fiction, Steampunk
Tags: Anthology, Recent Release, Traditional Book
Length: 249 pages
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781942480181

Myth! Intrigue! Dirigibles! Literacy!
Support public libraries and explore a world of steampunk fiction! Twelve Hours Later is the brainchild of the Treehouse Writers, fifteen talented authors, artists, and poets, who came together at the Clockwork Alchemy Steampunk Convention to create this must-read steampunk anthology, with 50 percent of the proceeds donated to public libraries. Each author has contributed two stories, set 12 hours apart, and each story occupies a single hour of time. Together they fill a 24-hour day that is a whirlwind of steam, legends, spycraft, and the occasional forest demon dropping in for good measure.


Stories in Twelve Hours Later

“In the Midnight Hour” and “Demon in the Noonday Sun” by Lillian Csernica.
“Lord of Death, Part I” and “Lord of Death, Part II” by Steve DeWinter.
“Nous Sommes Deux Heures” and “Nous Sommes Quatorze Heures” by Sharon E.
“The Hour of the Wolf” and “The Time of Ghosts” by Anthony Francis.
“The Dueling Field” and ” Afternoon Tea and a Little Murder” by T.E. MacArthur.
“Gods” and “Monsters” by Vicki Rorke.
“Hunter” and “Hunted” by Dover Whitecliff.
“Coyote” and ” Sensibility and the Stranger” by Kirsten Weiss.
“The Forest Demon” and “The Demon Forest” by AJ Sikes and BJ Sikes.
“The Pollychrome Wishing Jar” and ” A Coincidental Theft” by David Drake and
Katherine Morse
“Ten O’Clock” by Elizabeth Watasin.
“Victorian Poetry Hour” by Janice Thompson.
“Seeker” and “Finder” by Dover Whitecliff.