Call for Submissions

Thinking Ink Press is Open for Submissions

We’re excited to announce Thinking Ink Press is now accepting submissions in all genres of flash fiction, short stories, novels, comic books, graphic novels, nonfiction, artwork, and other works. We believe everyone has something meaningful to share—a story, a topic, an insight. Our passion is finding the right format for your work and getting it into people’s hands as an awesome publication.

We’re Open to Submissions

We actively read submissions from October 1 through November 30. We’ll respond to anything we receive in this period by the end of January. Outside this window we focus first on our publication schedule. If you send us something outside the window, we won’t throw it in the bit bucket, but may not get to it before our next active reading period.

We Create Beautifully Crafted Books

We’re experienced writers, editors, and publishers who take an artistic approach to publishing books. We’re always perfecting our formats, from beautifully simple Instant Books as short as 400 words to full length books. We focus on quality, creator freedom, old world craftsmanship, and finding audiences who need what you are creating.

We Love All Genres and Formats

We’re interested in all genres, especially ones that challenge the status quo. We’re actively looking for: compelling non-fiction, especially science, health, or creativity; unusual fiction, especially speculative and young adult; comic books, especially those created on 24 Hour Comic Day; and very short pieces (shorter than 1500 words) and art to feature in our non-traditional formats such as postcards and Instant Books. We’re always open to your ideas – so if you’ve got a great one, just ask us!

We’re Looking for Creators Like You

We like creators with strong skills, whether published or unpublished. We love creators who want to be involved with the publication of their work. We’re looking for creators who believe in their work – so please drop us a line describing your passion!

How We Make It Worth Your While

We believe money should always flow from the reader towards the author. We pay our authors, we acquire only the rights we need, and we craft contracts that are designed to be easy to read and friendly to the authors. We’re passionate about preserving creator freedom.

How to Submit Your Work to Us

If you’ve written something awesome, let us know about it! Since awesome things come in such variety, we prefer to receive queries before samples. Please email queries [at] thinkinginkpress [dot] com with one page or less describing you and your work. We also have more detailed guidelines:

Please feel free to query us about works not mentioned in these guidelines. Much of the information there applies to any type of query.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Anthony, Betsy, Keiko, Liza, and Nathan
co-founders, Thinking Ink Press