Successful Outcome for The Parents’ Guide to Perthes Preordering and Crowdfunding Event!

We’re very happy with the results of the preordering and crowdfunding event for The Parents’ Guide to Perthes. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Not only did people order books for themselves, but contributors also covered the cost for us to donate over 20 books. We’ll be working with nonprofit organizations and hospitals where Perthes is treated so that the donated books will find their way into good hands.

We are currently getting The Parents’ Guide to Perthes ready for publication in paperback and e-book editions and expect to have books available in February 2015. We’ll follow up with contributors as soon as we have books. When The Parents’ Guide to Perthes is published, it will go into world-wide distribution through online booksellers and brick and mortar bookstores.

The ebook is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and many other online bookstores. (ETA May 18: the paperback is available now, too!)

You can also purchase from us directly:
Buy eBook

ETA May 18: Since you can now buy the paperback through most booksellers, we’re no longer accepting preorders through our website.