About Thinking Ink Press

Thinking Ink Press is a small press run by experienced writers, editors, artists and publishers who take an artistic approach to publishing books. We’re always perfecting our formats, from beautifully simple Instant Books as short as 400 words to full length books. We focus on quality, creator freedom, old world craftsmanship, and finding audiences who need what you are creating.

Thinking Ink Press was founded by five people: four authors, three artists, and a comic book author (if you do the math, you can tell we wear many creative hats, including “publisher” now!) The founders of Thinking Ink met at our writing group in Silicon Valley, called Write to the End (it’s open to new people all the time–check out writetotheend.com for our location and meeting time), which is run by Thinking Ink co-founder Keiko.

Our mission is to empower authors, comic book creators, and artists to publish high-quality editions of their work. We want to push the boundaries of publishing while maintaining authors’ and artists’ rights.

Liza Olmsted

Sci-fi & fantasy author by day, software tester by other-day, publisher and editor by night. (Accountant by night, too, and she’s packing to have her house remodelled. Whew, she must be tired.) She’s editing a couple of our upcoming titles… which we’ll tell you more about when we have contracts signed. 😉

Betsy Miller

Betsy Miller is a technical writer and author. She manages many of the publishing tasks that transform manuscripts into books at Thinking Ink Press. Betsy is also involved with acquisitions, getting books into distribution, and setting up events.

Anthony Francis

Author of the Skindancer urban fantasy series and numerous steampunk stories, Anthony is also a comic book artist, software developer and roboticist. Co-author with Nathan of the 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide.

Nathan Vargas

Comic book artist, web technologist, graphic designer, and product branding solutionist. Facilitator for the Order of United Artists and Creators group and inventor of the MTheory World Puzzle, a creative writing prompt system. Comic-Con San Diego panelist and host of the Writers Battle, a game show type writing game that you can find at the Thinking Awesome! events.

Keiko O’Leary

Fiction writer, artist, editor, and leader of the Write to the End writing group in Silicon Valley. She has encouraged more new writers than you can shake a stick at, including all of us at TIP. (In her free time she wrangles small children, paints notecards, and helped Anthony design a dialect for his book Frost Moon.)