Finnegan’s Firewall

Finnegan’s Firewall
Genres: Fiction, Flash Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Story, Speculative Fiction
Tags: Flashcards, Snack Books
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 4 x 6

After the datapocalypse, a single novel from the Dead Times would be worth its bit-weight in credits. But can Ynreld Loper tell if the book he's found is uncorrupted?

About the Book
About the Author
David Colby

David Colby was born and grew up in a household and family so nice and wonderful that his early life was completely and utterly bereft of interesting drama beyond a single incident in high school when he slipped on some grass and damaged a very valuable sousaphone while trying to please his marching band instructor. To correct this, he took up writing and kept writing until he got halfway decent at it.

Currently laboring on works spanning science fiction, fantasy and all the bizarre fusions in between, David is publishing novels and short stories through Thinking Ink Press and Fiction Silicon Valley.