Shattered Sky

Shattered Sky
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Series: The Lunar Cycle, Book 2
Genres: Fiction, Novel, Science Fiction, Series, Speculative Fiction
Tag: Traditional Books
Publication Year: 2018
Length: novel
ASIN: 1942480229
ISBN: 9781942480228

The year: 2068

The place: The war-torn and ecologically devastated Earth.

The objective: Survive.

About the Book

Sixteen-year-old Drusilla Zhao has done the impossible and escaped the meat grinder of space warfare. Now she and her only remaining comrade, Jillian, are about to be rotated right back into the firing line, and away from Dru’s love, Sarah.

Shattered Sky is the second book in the action-packed dystopian sci-fi trilogy The Lunar Cycle by David Colby. Publishers Weekly says book 1, Debris Dreams, is “appealingly reminiscent of an updated Heinlein juvenile, it’s a story of wartime bravery, principles and self-sacrifice.”

Available in paperback where all books are sold, and as an ebook from all major booksellers.

About the Author
David Colby

A fan of old school sci-fi and tabletop roleplaying games, David Colby started writing almost fifteen years ago. It went poorly. But despite these early setbacks, David continued to work and write and send out submissions until someone was mad enough to accept him. Currently living in Sunnyvale, California, David's day job involves leaping in front of cars for fun and profit (he's a crossing guard).

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