Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Story, Speculative Fiction
Tags: Recent Releases, Recommended Books, Snack Books, Snapbooks, Traditional Books
Publication Year: 2016
Length: short story
ISBN: 9781942480112

Confronted with a newer, better sibling designed to replace her, the Nicole AI system has decided that instead of becoming an obsolete brain in a box, she'd rather become an unstoppable killer. Written by award-winning author and AI researcher Anthony Francis, "Sibling Rivalry" does not rely on clichéd fictional limitations of AIs. Instead, Nicole’s designer must find a realistic way to defeat Nicole, if he can.

Bonus Material:
This Snapbook edition includes a foreword by cognitive scientist Jim Davies and an afterword by computer science professor and science fiction fan Kenneth Moorman who uses “Sibling Rivalry” in his courses on machine intelligence and robotics.​

About the Book

Artificial intelligence. AI. The spark that brings about the robot apocalypse. In fiction, AIs always have weaknesses: they’re vulnerable to logical paradoxes, back door viruses and pesky EMP blasts. Real AIs would have no such comforting limitations: deft at parsing speech, clever at closing their own loopholes, and secured in military-hardened housings, a true general artificial intelligence would prove a difficult challenge to defeat … even to its own designer.

Written by a PhD in artificial intelligence, “Sibling Rivalry” tells the story of the Nicole AI system, the most advanced artificial intelligence ever created … until today. Confronted with a newer, better sibling designed to replace her, Nicole decides that instead of becoming an obsolete brain in a box, she’d rather become an unstoppable killer. With his team, and perhaps the entire building, dead, Nicole’s designer is trapped in a battle of wits with his own creation. Attempt after attempt fails, and with his oxygen running out, Nicole’s designer finds himself running a deadly race with Nicole … to see who can stop whose weak heart first.

Praise for Sibling Rivalry

A refreshingly new take on the AI gone amok story – written with expertise and confidence by someone who knows how an AI actually may function.
– David Colby, author of Debris Dreams

The real strength … is the personality of the AI. … I will think about this story for some time to come.
– Richard New, Amazon reviewer

Sibling Rivalry is one of the best stories I have read. It was so compelling I found myself reading it as fast as possible to find out what was happening next. Then, I read the afterward (Reflections on “Sibling Rivalry”) slowly, as if the afterward could give me some insight beyond what I read. Days later, I keep thinking about the story.
– Kathy Norman, Amazon reviewer

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About the Author
Anthony Francis

By day, Anthony Francis programs search engines and emotional robots; by night, he writes science fiction and draws comic books. He’s best known for his Skindancer urban fantasy series, starting with the 2011 EPICeBook award winning Frost Moon and its sequels Blood Rock and Liquid Fire, all set in Atlanta and starring magical tattoo artist Dakota Frost. Anthony lives in San Jose with his wife and cats, but his heart will always belong in Atlanta.

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