Some Time Later: Fantastic Voyages Through Alternate Worlds

Some Time Later: Fantastic Voyages Through Alternate Worlds
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Genres: Speculative Fiction, Steampunk
Tags: Anthologies, Traditional Books
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 286
ASIN: B07996KTL2
ISBN: 9781942480204

The creators of Twelve Hours Later and Thirty Days Later are back for another time-turning read with adventure in the offing, steam in the air, and tongue occasionally in cheek. Join us for new and fantastical stories from fifteen authors, including Harry Turtledove, Kirsten Weiss, Anthony Francis and T.E. MacArthur as we journey through time and genre.

Take a tour of Jolly Olde London where madness may (or may not) prevail and things can get hairy after dark. Take an airship across the sea to the ancient city of Atlantis. Battle demons! Match wits with mystics! Try to resist the seductive power of chocolate or the magic of tiny mushrooms! Maybe even steal a treasure from a dragon.

So, put the kettle on, pour a strong cuppa, and curl up on the couch for a rollicking good read with Some Time Later.

The clock is ticking ...

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Stories in Some Time Later

“Three Men and a Vampire” and “Three Men and a Werewolf” by Harry Turtledove.
“Ely and the Medium” and “Death Stalks Closer” by Kirsten Weiss.
“Weekend Near the Asylum” by Katherine L. Morse & David L. Drake and “All Warfare Is Based upon Deception” by David L. Drake & Katherine L. Morse.
“The Wheel of Misfortune, Part I” and “The Wheel of Misfortune, Part II” by Lillian Csernica.
“Cheque for a Pulse First, A Miranda Gray Mystery” and “Tiger, Tiger, A Miranda Gray Mystery” by T.E. MacArthur.
“Two Weeks of Hell” and “The Day of Reckoning” by Anthony Francis.
“Solarpunk Gauguin, Part I” and “Solarpunk Gauguin, Part II” by Janice Thompson.
“Here Abide Monsters, A Boston Metaphysical Society Story” and “Home, A Boston Metaphysical Society Story” by Madeleine Holly-Rosing.
“Cock of the Walk” and “Playing Chicken“  by Dover Whitecliff.
“The Descent” and “Into the Order of Glaucos” by BJ Sikes.
“The Cannoneer’s Tale” and “The Confectioner’s Tale” by AJ Sikes.
“Flowers of London” and “Flowers of Paris” by Sharon E. Cathcart.
“Seeking Atlantis” and “Reaching Atlantis” by Michael Tierney.
“When Johnny Chimes Came to Town” and “The Last Stand of Johnny Chimes” by Richard Lau.

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About the Author
AJ Sikes

AJ Sikes writes noir urban fantasy and has published multiple short stories and the alternate history novels Gods of Chicago and Gods of New Orleans. He offers professional editing services to writers of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and academic material. He served in the U.S. Army, holds an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and taught university level ESL writing and composition courses. He’s a woodworker and toy builder in his spare time. AJ keeps a blog called Dovetails at where he talks about the similarities between woodworking and writing. Find out more about his editing services at

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