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Create Books in an Instant!

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After the success of our first Thinking Awesome event, Thinking Ink Press is proud to announce our second: Instant Books with Keiko O’Leary!

Learn to fold your own Instant Book from a single sheet of paper (it’s easy)! Meet Keiko O’Leary, book artist and Instant Book designer at Thinking Ink Press. Keiko will show various examples of Instant Books, from a simple hand-drawn love note to a fully produced book containing two (very) short stories.

This FREE event will be on Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm at
Peet’s Coffee & Tea on 20087 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA. Come join us and learn how to make books in an instant!

For more information, see our Facebook Event Page!

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Our First Thinking Awesome Event


Thinking Ink Press is proud to announce our very first Thinking Awesome event: the MTheory World Puzzle Creative Writing Battle!

Hosted by Peet’s Coffee in Cupertino, CA and led by the inventor of the MTheory World Puzzle, the Creative Writing Battle takes two groups of writers, gives them randomly generated prompts from the MTheory World Puzzle system, and makes them BATTLE! It’s competitive writing at its most cutthroat – see the system in action as it demolishes writer’s block!

For more information, see our Facebook Event Page!

Thinking Ink Press handmade books available at The Arsenal in San Jose

Instant Books at The Arsenal in San Jose. Jagged Fragments, Bees, and Jeremiah Willstone and The Sorting of the Secret Post The Arsenal, an artist-owned art store in San Jose, CA, now has a display of our Instant Books: Bees by Betsy Miller, and Jagged Fragments and Jeremiah Willstone and the Sorting of the Secret Post.

Stop by if you’d like to buy copies and support a local art shop!

Comic-Con Meets the 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide

The 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Preview Version cover
The 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Preview Version
San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is coming up fast, and Thinking Ink Press is happy to announce that one of our founders, Nathan Vargas, co-author of the 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide, will appear with Nate Gertler, Chris Brady, Jimmy Purcell, and Marco Devanzo on a panel celebrating the 10th anniversary of 24-Hour Comics Day on Friday, July 25 at 5:15 pm in Room 18.

Look for Nathan and his co-author Anthony Francis, also of Thinking Ink Press, at Comic-Con. You might even get a sneak peek preview edition of their forthcoming book, the 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that Thinking Ink Press will be publishing a future edition of this book, or that you might find Nathan and Anthony at the Alternative Press Expo in October if you don’t make it to Comic-Con.

What is 24 Hour Comic Day?
It’s one crazy day to create an entirely new comic book — a 24 page comic, in 24 consecutive hours. Started by Scott McCloud in 1990 and turned into an annual event by Nat Gertler in 2004, 24HCD is now an institution, with artists participating in their own studios and in venues all around the world. This year is the tenth anniversary of 24HCD, and the event itself will be held October 4th.

Why a survival guide?
It’s a fun way to get the help you need to succeed at 24HCD! It’s filled with tips about how to get started, how to keep going, how to keep from getting stuck, how to get unstuck, and how to get to the finish line. Or you can use it just to help brainstorm creating comics! The guide is based on Nathan and Anthony’s experiences participating in 24 Hour Comics Day and hosting Blitz Comics Learning Labs.

When is that panel again?
Comic-Con International San Diego 2014, Friday July 25th, 5:15PM in Room 18.