For Writers

We love books that create a reaction in their readers: a great experience, a strong emotion, a new idea. We love creators with strong skills who want to be passionately involved with the publication of their work. And we love awesome books in all formats and genres: fiction, nonfiction, comic books, and more.

Who we are
We’re a group of editors and authors who love books. We have interests in science and science fiction, health and horror, literary fiction and urban fantasy, young adult and philosophical essays. We have experience publishing and editing short stories, anthologies, novels, shorter technical works and full-length nonfiction books.

What we’re looking for
Unusual fiction (genre or literary), certain kinds of non-fiction, comic books (especially those created on or for 24 Hour Comics Day), and maybe art. We’re not currently looking for poetry, although we might be interested. If you’re not sure, ask!

Who we’re looking for
Creators with strong skills, whether published or unpublished. Creators who want to be closely and passionately involved with the publication of their work.

Contact us
If Thinking Ink Press sounds like it might be a good fit for you, review our guidelines (fiction, non-fiction), and then write us an email at queries [at] thinkinginkpress [dot] com introducing yourself and your work, or use the form below.

We’re always interested in hearing from authors, artists, and comic book creators.