by Anthony Francis and Nathan Vargas

The 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Preview Version cover
The 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Preview Version

The Dare: Create a 24 page comic book in 24 hours
The Challenge: Finishing 24 pages… and surviving!

Ever wanted to create your own comic? Believe us, you can! 24 Hour Comic Day is a worldwide challenge to create a new comic in 24 hours, and this guide will help you not just survive, but succeed!

Created by two five-year veterans of 24HCD, the Guide covers:

  • Preparing your mind and body for the best chance of getting to the end without falling asleep in the middle.
  • Packing effectively so that you’ve got the art materials, food — and toiletries! — you need to survive the event.
  • Using time effectively—finishing pages in 45 minutes, avoiding time traps, and checking your progress regularly.
  • Getting the most out of your venue by being a good comics citizen (and how to deal with the bad apples).

Also learn:

  • Jumpstarting your story with idea generators, story webs, and plot line tools that help you identify conflict.
  • Organizing your art to fill 24 pages, to communicate within the page, and to deal with tricky drawings (hint: cheat!).

Want to know more?

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