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The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters.
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The book cover shows a figure of an alien and a figure of a human in a space suit, facing each other, on a background of a dark and colorful nebula in space.

The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters edited by Anthony Francis and Liza Olmsted.

Available to preorder. Release date: August 6.

The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters

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 Available for preorder now! Release date: August 6, 2024. A diverse, hopeful book of neurodiversity-themed science fiction short stories, poetry, and art for anyone who loves science fiction, who cares about neurodiversity, or who wants to see optimistic visions of the future.

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Would neurodiversity be an advantage in an encounter with aliens? Let’s find out!

Heartbroken starships.
Human-sized hamster balls.
Superpowers unleashed by anxiety.
A planet covered in mathematical fidgets.
And we finally learn why aliens abduct cows.

A diverse, hopeful anthology of neurodiversity-themed science fiction short stories, poetry and art by and for neurodivergent people.

Featuring stories, poems and art from Tobias S. Buckell, M. D. Cooper, Ada Hoffmann, Jody Lynn Nye, Cat Rambo, and over forty other contributors, The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters was edited by Anthony Francis, author of the award-winning urban fantasy novel Frost Moon, and Liza Olmsted, editor of the writing inspiration book Your Writing Matters.

The Neurodiversiverse includes themes of autism, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, synesthesia, several kinds of anxiety, avoidant attachment disorder, dissociative disorder, and more.

The Neurodiversiverse features stories about:

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Synesthesia
  • Anxiety (of various flavors)
  • Avoidant Attachment Disorder
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • And more

Many of these stories are told from an authentic neurodiverse #own­­voices perspective, featuring characters whose experiences and reactions are informed by authors who share their neuro­divergent ways of thinking and being, and we are proud to bring you this anthology celebrating neuro­diversity.

Peek inside the Book

Among our experienced authors, we are proud to feature:

  • Tobias S. Buckell, author of Shoggoths in Traffic, brings us “The Pipefitter,” which explores the benefits and drawbacks of ADHD in a far-future fight for survival against aliens who are merciless—and a neurotypical world that is unbending.
  • M. D. Cooper, creator of the Aeon 14 universe, gives us “The Zeta Remnant,” in which competent explorers train themselves to make good decisions regardless of whether they are autistic or not—and M.D.’s autistic, so she’d know.
  • Ada Hoffmann, author of the Outside trilogy, brings us “Music, Not Words,” which depicts the struggle autistic people face to be heard clearly—and speculates that, sometimes, the words themselves could be the problem.
  • Jody Lynn Nye, author of forty novels, a hundred stories, and The Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern, gives us “A Hint of Color,” which shines a light on how synesthesia could reveal aliens that neurotypical people might not even recognize.
  • Cat Rambo, author of You Sexy Thing, Nebula Award finalist, and former president of SFWA, surprises us with “Scary Monsters, Super Creeps,” which explores how superheroes and supervillians fighting in the streets could be the worst place in the world for someone with anxiety—or the best.

Our list of creators also includes:

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