The Parents’ Guide to Perthes

By Charles T. Price, MD, Betsy Miller
A great resource for parents!
The Parents’ Guide to Perthes is a great resource, as it delves into intricate parts of taking care and adjusting to all the treatment and recovery aspects for affected individuals. Parents can read personal testimonies from other parents that have gone through similar situations.
-International Perthes Study Group

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The Parents’ Guide to Perthes explains what happens when a child has Perthes. This book covers how Perthes is diagnosed and progresses through stages, and how the age of the child at onset affects the course of the disease. Learn about the criteria that doctors consider to develop a treatment plan and read first-person accounts from parents and children about their Perthes experiences. Illustrations and x-ray examples show the effects of Perthes in the hip joint for different children.

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