Non-Traditional Formats

Flash Fiction, Poetry, and Other Short Works

Thinking Ink Press publishes standalone flash fiction, poetry, short stories, and other short works in the following print edition formats:

  • Story postcards include a complete flash fiction story and art. They can be addressed and mailed for the cost of a postcard stamp. The ideal length is about 100 to 300 words.
  • Poetry postcards let you send poems through the mail. The ideal length is about 30 lines or fewer.
  • Instant Books are small books folded from a single sheet of paper. They are not stapled or cut into separate pieces. Stories can be from about 500-1,500 words, depending on the individual piece. Stories with a lot of dialog take up more space on a page because they require more paragraph breaks.

Note: Work is evaluated on an individual basis to see which format is best.

If you have a story, poem, or other piece that you’d like to see in one of these formats, please submit the entire work to For fiction, we especially like stories with strong character arcs. Reprints are fine; just let us know where your story was previously published.