Coming Soon! Clubfoot Connections Book

We’re excited to share a first look at the cover of our upcoming book Clubfoot Connections: Stories, Essays, and Poetry from the Clubfoot Community.

Clubfoot Connections cover image. Four people's legs and feet in various pants, shorts, and shoes. Light blue background.

Available on June 2, 2023

Wondering what the clubfoot journey is like?

There’s not just one answer: each individual has a unique story to tell. 

Clubfoot Connections collects 23 perspectives from people of all ages with a variety of backgrounds who share, in their own words, their personal and emotional clubfoot experiences.

This book will take you from the moment of the clubfoot diagnosis, through the parenting caregiver experience, to children and adults living with clubfoot. There are stories of inspiration and stories about the trials of the clubfoot treatment journey, stories from clubfoot kids and stories that will resonate with parents.

A natural part of being human is finding solace and validation in each other’s stories about shared challenges and journeys. This one-of-a-kind book provides many opportunities to do just that, to gain a deeper understanding of clubfoot, and to connect to members of the clubfoot community.

Betsy Miller and Maureen Hoff teamed up to edit this collection of diverse clubfoot experiences. Betsy is the author of The Parents’ Guide to ClubfootBeyond Boots‘n’ Bars: A Guided Journal for Clubfoot Parents, and co-author of Hip, Hop, Hooray for Brooklynn, a picture book about a bunny with clubfoot. Maureen is the author of Clubfoot Chronicles and host of A Clubfoot Mom podcast.