Luna’s Lament

Luna’s Lament
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Series: The Lunar Cycle, Book 3
Genres: Fiction, Novel, Science Fiction, Series, Speculative Fiction
Tags: Recent Releases, Recommended Books, Traditional Books
Publication Year: 2020
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781942480242

The year: 2068

The place: Luna, the colony that’s waging war against the Earth.

The objective: Revenge.

About the Book

Drusilla Zhao has entered into the shadowy, dangerous world of the S3TA—the Space Special Service, Transhuman Arm. Equipped with hyperadvanced technology and cybernetic augmentations, the S3TA are the Chinese-American Alliance’s trump card. But will Dru’s desire for revenge on the enemies who took everything she ever cared about blind her to the true enemy that lurks closer than she could possibly imagine?

Author David Colby combines hard science details with page-turning action and a diverse cast of characters for a unique science fiction experience that you won’t soon forget.

Luna’s Lament is the third book in the action-packed dystopian sci-fi trilogy The Lunar Cycle by David Colby. Publishers Weekly says book 1, Debris Dreams, is “appealingly reminiscent of an updated Heinlein juvenile, it’s a story of wartime bravery, principles and self-sacrifice.”

Available in paperback where all books are sold, and as an ebook from all major booksellers.

About book 1, Debris Dreams: "Appealingly reminiscent of an updated Heinlein juvenile, it's a story of wartime bravery, principles and self-sacrifice."
– Publisher's Weekly
About the Author
David Colby

David Colby was born and grew up in a household and family so nice and wonderful that his early life was completely and utterly bereft of interesting drama beyond a single incident in high school when he slipped on some grass and damaged a very valuable sousaphone while trying to please his marching band instructor. To correct this, he took up writing and kept writing until he got halfway decent at it.

Currently laboring on works spanning science fiction, fantasy and all the bizarre fusions in between, David is publishing novels and short stories through Thinking Ink Press and Fiction Silicon Valley.

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