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A book cover of "The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters", a science fiction anthology. Background is stylized art of an astronaut meeting an alien in outer space. Art by Barbara Candiotti. Kickstarter “project we love”.

The Neurodiversiverse is a Kickstarter “project we love”!

Halfway through our campaign, over two-thirds to our goal!

Our Kickstarter campaign for The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters has already reached over $3,400 of our $5,000 goal, with just over two weeks left! Thank you so much to everyone who’s backed, you’re helping to make sure we’ll be able to pay our authors and artists professional rates!

This is a larger funding goal than we’ve had for any of our past crowdfunding campaigns, so having made it this far is truly wonderful.

Selected as a Kickstarter “project we love”!

Project we love. Kickstarter. Circular badge with a heart in the middle and words around the outside.

Kickstarter has a magical, behind-the-scenes mechanism where someone decides a project is a “project we love”. We don’t know how it happens, but we’re so pleased it happened to us! What it means is that now new people will see the campaign, and may be inspired to back it.

Announcing our stretch goals!

Once the Kickstarter campaign hits its funding goal, that means we’ll get the money that is raised. But if we exceed our goals, we’d love to give our backers more. We’ll unlock additional stretch goals as the amount raised reaches new dollar amounts.

Briefly, our stretch goals are:

  • $7,500 – Bookmarks! We’ll include a bookmark for every backer who’s selected physical rewards.
  • $10,000 – Mystery Swag! We’re really excited about the additional goodies we have planned for backers if we hit $10k – but we’ll announce them when we hit our funding goal of $5,000.
  • $12,500 – Even More Fun Stuff! Ditto! We’re working on secret plans to fill out backers’ goodie bags and digital inboxes, but we’ll announce this stretch goal if we reach our funding goal!
  • $15,000 – Audiobook Edition! We really want to produce an audiobook edition, both because we love audiobooks, and because we know so many readers need an audio edition for accessibility. If we raise this much money, everyone backing for $10 or more will get the digital audiobook when it’s ready.
  • $20,000 – The Neurodiversiverse: Binary Stars! If we hit this amount of money, we’ll not only be able to pay for this book, but also put the rest toward a sequel anthology!

So, please back the Kickstarter campaign to help us achieve our stretch goals, and share it with your friends who love bookmarks, audiobooks, and/or neurodiversity!

You can read all the details about our new stretch goals in our latest campaign update.

A book cover of "The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters", a science fiction anthology. Background is stylized art of an astronaut meeting an alien in outer space. Art by Barbara Candiotti.

Our Kickstarter is now live for The Neurodiversiverse

Why are we running a Kickstarter campaign for The Neurodiversiverse?

We believe that creators should be paid like professionals for their work.

Thinking Ink Press is a small publisher, and we want to increase the amount we’re paying the authors and artists of The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters for their work from “semi-pro” to “SFWA” professional rates. To make that happen, we’re running a Kickstarter campaign!

Backing the Kickstarter campaign at any reward tier will help us a ton, and you’ll be able to get great rewards like a copy of the book (of course!), a vinyl sticker or enamel pin of the snazzy logo designed by Kimchi Kreative, a tote bag, and more!

Books and swag with the Neurodiversiverse logo, designed by Kimchi Kreative.
Books and swag with the Neurodiversiverse logo, designed by Kimchi Kreative.

The Neurodiversiverse: Alien Encounters is is a hopeful, empowering sci-fi anthology of short stories, poetry, and art. It’s an #OwnVoices extravaganza with neurodivergent editors, authors, and artists. The anthology offers many different answers to the question: Would neurodiversity be an advantage in an encounter with aliens?

Backing now helps our Kickstarter campaign be more visible, enabling us to reach more supporters. We’re a small press, and need your help to reach our ideal readers.

Our Inspiring Postcards for Writers Kickstarter succeeded!

Three-quarter view of a white card propped on a little easel. The card has quilling of flowers and curls in a rainbow of colors around the outside, and in hand-written calligraphy the text "You deserve to create what's in you to create", with the attribution "Keiko O'Leary". In the lower left corner are the artist's initials "JM". This is the image on the first of the four postcards.
The original quilling & calligraphy art for the first quote postcard, by Julia Macek. Isn’t it beautiful?

Thanks to everyone who backed our campaign and helped us reach our funding goal and even a stretch goal!

Because the Kickstarter campaign succeeded, we are developing a set of four postcards with inspiring quotes for writers from the book Your Writing Matters by Keiko O’Leary. The postcards feature new original quilled art and calligraphy by award-winning artist Julia Macek, with art photography by visual designer Caroline Sanney. The campaign unlocked a stretch goal, to create bonus 3 x 4 inch vinyl stickers.

Once the campaign rewards are finished and sent out, we’ll announce when the postcards and stickers are available for everyone to buy.

The four quotes are:

  • You deserve to create what’s in you to create
  • Your writing matters. Your life matters. Your stories matter.
  • What you create could change someone’s life
  • Have faith that what you create could touch someone

We love sending postcards in the mail, and we’re so excited that these beautiful images are going to be available to inspire writers and creatives alike!

Be the first to hear when the postcards are available for everyone to purchase

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