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Sneak peek at inspiring quote tote bags and stickers

We will be developing three more original postcard designs for our Inspiring Quote Kickstarter campaign rewards. In the meantime, the sample tote bag and sticker arrived. Here’s a picture of them with a copy of Keiko’s book Your Writing Matters so you can get a sense of scale.  

To read the full update, visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Our Inspiring Postcards for Writers Kickstarter succeeded!

Three-quarter view of a white card propped on a little easel. The card has quilling of flowers and curls in a rainbow of colors around the outside, and in hand-written calligraphy the text "You deserve to create what's in you to create", with the attribution "Keiko O'Leary". In the lower left corner are the artist's initials "JM". This is the image on the first of the four postcards.
The original quilling & calligraphy art for the first quote postcard, by Julia Macek. Isn’t it beautiful?

Thanks to everyone who backed our campaign and helped us reach our funding goal and even a stretch goal!

Because the Kickstarter campaign succeeded, we are developing a set of four postcards with inspiring quotes for writers from the book Your Writing Matters by Keiko O’Leary. The postcards feature new original quilled art and calligraphy by award-winning artist Julia Macek, with art photography by visual designer Caroline Sanney. The campaign unlocked a stretch goal, to create bonus 3 x 4 inch vinyl stickers.

Once the campaign rewards are finished and sent out, we’ll announce when the postcards and stickers are available for everyone to buy.

The four quotes are:

  • You deserve to create what’s in you to create
  • Your writing matters. Your life matters. Your stories matter.
  • What you create could change someone’s life
  • Have faith that what you create could touch someone

We love sending postcards in the mail, and we’re so excited that these beautiful images are going to be available to inspire writers and creatives alike!

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Our Kickstarter is now live for beautiful inspiring postcards

We want to create a set of beautiful postcards with inspiring quotes from the book Your Writing Matters by Keiko O’Leary. 

Each postcard will feature a quote in calligraphy combined with custom quilling artwork created by award-winning artist Julia Macek. The set of postcards will include two copies each of four postcards, with the possibility of unlocking more rewards. 

If our campaign doesn’t fund, these postcards will never exist. Help us create them by backing at the level that works for you! 😃

Go to the Postcard Kickstarter.

Kickstarter campaigns are all or nothing, so backers won’t get charged anything unless we reach our funding goal to cover the costs of creating new original art and producing the postcards. 

Your Writing Matters is in the 2023 Write Stuff StoryBundle

Note: The 2023 Write Stuff StoryBundle has ended.

Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Calling all writers!

We’re so excited that this year’s Write Stuff StoryBundle includes Your Writing Matters by Keiko O’Leary, along with nine other great books for writers.

Whether or not you’ve already read & enjoyed Your Writing Matters, now’s your chance to check out even more useful books for writers, carefully curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

How StoryBundle works:

  1. Support four awesome authors by paying however much you think their work is worth.
  2. You can specify that a portion of your payment be donated to charity.
  3. If you pay at least $20, you unlock another six bonus books, including Your Writing Matters and two exclusives not available anywhere else.
  4. Read on just about any tablet, ereader, laptop, or even your smartphone.

Ends July 6

The Write Stuff 2023 StoryBundle is available only until July 6, and then it’ll be gone forever.

Coming Soon for Writers

Your Writing Matters: 34 Quick Essays to Get Unstuck and Stay Inspired, by Keiko O'Leary. "A beautifully written meditation on the writer's life." says Julie A. Fast, bestselling authorWe are pleased to announce we’re publishing the book Your Writing Matters: 34 Quick Essays to Get Unstuck and Stay Inspired by creativity expert Keiko O’Leary.

What you write can change someone’s life.

In this engaging collection of short essays for writers, Keiko O’Leary explores what it means to live life as a writer, offers encouragement and inspiration, and suggests practical techniques to cultivate your writing life. Drawing on her experience as a writer, writing group leader, and workshop instructor, Keiko writes about topics such as:

MOTIVATION: “You deserve to create what’s in you to create.”
CREATIVITY: Your personal geography is a wellspring of memoir and poetry, and a source of authentic detail for fiction.”
LEGACY: “Through your writing, you help people experience meaning, not only in what you write, but also in their own lives.”

Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, these essays will support you on your writing journey.

Keiko O’Leary helps writers see the big picture while taking meaningful action today. She is a writer, editor, artist, and speaker. A leader in San José, California’s literary community, Keiko teaches workshops and organizes the long-standing writing group Write to the End. She writes short pieces, including poetry, flash fiction, and essays.

Your Writing Matters will be available in paperback and ebook editions on August 9, 2022.

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You Have a Story to Tell Tote Bag Sale

Tote Bag Fundraiser

Show your support for writers, and help bring a book into the world.

For a limited time, we’re running a special tote bag sale hosted at Custom Ink featuring a hand-lettered design by Keiko O’Leary.  From Nov 2 through Nov 17, you can order canvas tote bags featuring the message You have a story to tell.

large image of black tote back with inset of other product/color choices
You have 6 product/color choices

Who is Keiko O’Leary?

Keiko O’Leary is one of the founders of Thinking Ink Press, where she writes, edits, and designs our limited edition hand-folded books and flash fiction postcards. Keiko leads the Write to the End writing group and teaches writing workshops, including a free poetry series at the Sunnyvale Library. If you’re in the South Bay, you may run into her at literary events like Flash Fiction Forum, literary pub crawls, or demonstrating how to create hand-folded art books.

Where does the money go?

Proceeds from this sale will be used to publish and promote a short book of essays by Keiko. The book focuses on encouragement and insights for writers, and it will be published in 2019. Any additional proceeds will fund Keiko’s Thinking Ink Press publishing wish list.

To contact Keiko directly, email her at keiko@KeikoOLeary.com, or visit KeikoOLeary.com.

How can I get involved?

Order your tote bag now and show your support!

Order now!

Create Books in an Instant!

Screenshot 2015-09-29 03.03.48

After the success of our first Thinking Awesome event, Thinking Ink Press is proud to announce our second: Instant Books with Keiko O’Leary!

Learn to fold your own Instant Book from a single sheet of paper (it’s easy)! Meet Keiko O’Leary, book artist and Instant Book designer at Thinking Ink Press. Keiko will show various examples of Instant Books, from a simple hand-drawn love note to a fully produced book containing two (very) short stories.

This FREE event will be on Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm at
Peet’s Coffee & Tea on 20087 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA. Come join us and learn how to make books in an instant!

For more information, see our Facebook Event Page!

Screenshot 2015-09-29 03.04.05